Quit Genius is different from any other apps for smoking cessation, as it helps change your perceptions about smoking permanently, keeping you smoke-free forever. It is, as far as we know, the only publicly available app that’s based on evidence, science and psychology, that goes in depth to deal with your habit. It's an actual scientific program that rivals face-to-face therapy. 

We’d love to give it for free, we really would! If our mission was to make money rather than make a difference in people’s lives, we’d all be in very different careers. But we’re not - we’re a small team of doctors, psychologists, developers and marketers (and by small, we mean 7 people) who want to make it much easier for people to quit smoking. 

And to do this, we need to keep the app top-notch and constantly add to it and improve it - all day long, full-time and more! So, while we try to keep costs as low as possible, charging some money allows us to make the app better for you every day, and grow our team to make it even more top-notch!

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