First of all, Quit Genius uses a type of psychological therapy, called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which has a strong evidence base for a host of issues, including addictions in general (see evidence here) and smoking cessation in particular (see evidence here).

Second of all, we have peer-reviewed scientific papers published that speak in favour of Quit Genius working! Here is a paper showing the great potential of one of the app’s underlying principles, gamification, in providing effective support for smoking cessation. Here is a paper showing how Quit Genius users reported more motivation to quit smoking, as well as positive changes in their smoking behaviours, such as quitting or reducing, compared to users of another popular quit smoking app.

Finally, here is a paper showing how in a sample of 190 participants, 36% successfully quit smoking after using Quit Genius. By comparison, peer-reviewed research has found the quit rate of face-to-face therapy to be 33%, while going cold-turkey results in a 3% quit rate. Moreover, those participants who continued to smoke after using the app were able to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day by 59.6%.

See our Science page for more details!

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