Quit Genius uses cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to help you prepare for quitting by changing the way you think and feel about smoking. Our users say it has made them think about things they hadn’t even considered before, let alone thought deeper about! Because it goes so in-depth, it helps you quit for good, as the change in your perception of smoking keeps you smoke-free, permanently! 

Here’s a suggestion of how to use the programme:

  • Go through the steps of the journey one by one, to find out about nicotine, addiction, and the effects they have on your body and mind, as well as how to break out of your habits and think about smoking differently.
  • Use the smoking diary to record your cigarettes, so as to keep track of your habits and triggers.
  • Use the coping toolbox for moments when you’re craving, and to find out how to deal with specific triggers like stress or alcohol.
  • Go to the in-app community for support and encouragement, information and stories.

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