There’s a lot of post-quit date support around!

First, the check-in feature ("Did you smoke today?") on the home tab is really helpful to keep track, get positive feedback, and keep you accountable - and you can also easily share your progress with the community or on social media. 

Second, the ever-expanding and ever-improving coping toolbox is very helpful, with packs dealing with specific triggers like stress or alcohol, and coping techniques that get you through tough times. You can even integrate the mindfulness techniques into your daily routine, exercising your mind to achieve wisdom and calm.

Fourth, you get one-to-one access to your own personal experienced quit coach, who will guide and support you in your new smoke-free life, with weekly chats and goals, compassion and encouragement.

Fifth, we’re always working on new stuff, so we’re considering new achievements, for example - please let us know here if you have any feature requests, thoughts, or ideas!

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