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As with quitting cigarettes, we offer support in all aspects of quitting smokeless tobacco such as setting a quit date, dealing with triggers, and preparing for their quit. NRT, Varenicline, and behavioural interventions will also help you quit.

Is smokeless tobacco a safe alternative to smoking?

No. Smokeless tobacco contains many cancer-causing agents. The amount of nicotine absorbed from smokeless tobacco can be 3 to 4 times that delivered by a cigarette. Smokeless tobacco contains 28 chemicals that can cause cancer, such as formaldehyde, cadmium, arsenic, lead, nickel uranium, and tobacco-specific nitrosamines

The health effects of Smokeless tobacco include

  • cancer of the mouth, esophagus, and pancreas.

  • may increase your risk of death from heart disease and stroke.

  • have more dental problems than nonusers. Sugar in smokeless tobacco can cause cavities, chronic painful sores, and decay in exposed tooth roots.

  • can cause your gums to pull away (recede) from the teeth in the area where the tobacco is held, causing your teeth to become loose and can cause tooth loss

  • wearing down of your teeth, which could lead to major dental problems. causes bad breath and stained teeth.

  • affects your sense of taste

  • get leathery white patches and red sores in their mouths that can turn into cancer.
    *See your doctor right away for any early signs of oral cancer such as

  • a sore in your mouth that bleeds easily and does not heal

  • a lump in your mouth or neck • soreness or swelling that does not go away • a white patch that does not go away

  • trouble chewing, swallowing, or moving your tongue or jaw

But there is good news! Once you quit smokeless tobacco your health starts to improve.

  • No more red, sore gums.

  • Those white patches in your mouth disappear.

  • You will get fewer cavities because your teeth won't be worn away by tobacco.

  • Your risk of cancers caused by smokeless tobacco decreases each year.

Quitting smokeless tobacco is a lot like quitting smoking, however, there are a few parts that are unique for smokeless tobacco users.

  • There is often, a stronger need to have something in your mouth to take the place of chew, snuff, or pouch

  • Mouth sores often slowly go away and gum problems will get better in time

Prepping to quit

  • Set your Quit date in the Quit Genius App

  • Change to a brand with less nicotine. Then use smaller dips.

  • Cut down on the number of times you dip each day, and increase the time between dips.

  • Replace smokeless tobacco with the following

    • sunflower seeds

    • sugarless gum or hard candy

    • carrots

    • beef jerky

    • cinnamon sticks

    • toothpicks

    • Mints

  • Log your dip/chew in the app

  • Learn about your triggers

  • Use nicotine gum and patches, as it helps increase your chances of quitting

  • Complete Essentials 1 in the app to help you prep

  • Come up with ideas to keep you busy for your upcoming quit date

  • Identify supports in your life

  • Use the Quit Genius App on a regular basis to help prep you to quit and stay quit

Just one more tip just in case you might need it….

If you feel comfortable doing so, inform your family and friends of your promise to quit using smokeless tobacco. If you have family or friends who dip or chew, ask them not to use it when you are around. Try to find a friend who can quit with you so you can motivate each other to stay true to your promise to quit.

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